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“Do you do mini sessions?” Is one of the questions that lands in my inbox often, and the answer is yes! I offer a few groups of mini sessions every year. I usually announce them on my email list, which I open up via my Instagram every few months.

Mini Sessions are great, but so are full sessions. So, how do you know what kind of session is right for you? Let’s break it down.

Family Sitting in a field. Utah Photographer Mary Horne Nelson discusses Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions.

What a Mini Session is:

Mini Sessions are usually somewhere between 15-30 minutes long, and they are only offered a few times per year and book fairly quickly! These are great sessions to get a handful of photos of a smaller-sized family: a few smiling at the camera, a few lifestyle and candid shots, and individual photos.

What a Mini Session is Not:

Mini Sessions do not include as many images as full sessions. Because they are significantly shorter, kids sometimes don’t have as much time to warm up to the camera, and can be shy for the duration of the session. These sessions also don’t include as many breakout groups, prompts, or as much time to get to know each other. Because of this, mini sessions are often not the best choice to deeply document your family and your story.

What a Full Session is:

Full Sessions are my absolute favorite. Because of the extended time we have together, we get not only a couple of posed and candid photos, but we take time to get to know each other, your kids have time to get comfortable, and we can really dig deep, have fun, and document your family dynamic.

What a Full Session is Not:

A full session isn’t just posed images with a few included. It’s not a “quick” family photo, it’s a full experience.

Family in their home. Utah Photographer Mary Horne Nelson discusses Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions.

Who do I recommend Mini Sessions to?

Mini sessions are great for families who don’t want an entire gallery of photos, but need about 20 images to choose from for Christmas Cards, Social Media Updates, or just for fun! These sessions are great for kids with short attention spans, who behave well for the first few minutes and then lose interest.

Who do I recommend Full Sessions to?

As I mentioned above, full sessions are my absolute favorite. They are the chance to document you and your magic. I recommend full family sessions to… pretty much anyone, especially those with kids who take a bit to warm up and break out of their shell, or those who are fussy at first. Because the session is longer, we not only take more photos, but have more time for games, giggles, and a great overall experience.

Family in Lavender field. Utah Photographer Mary Horne Nelson discusses Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions.

Ready to book your Family Session? Contact me for mini session dates or to schedule your full session! Let’s make some magic!

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