Everything You Need to Know to Visit Albion Basin

At the very top of the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains, Albion Basin is one of Utah’s most popular backdrop for family photography and for tourists to visit (and for good reason!). As a photographer who is shooting at Albion Basin several times each year, I’m excited to share everything you need to know if you plan to visit Albion Basin this summer!

How to get to Albion Basin

One question I get often is “how do you find Albion Basin?”. Luckily, even though it looks like it would be hours away from Salt Lake City, it’s only a 35-minute drive. To get to Albion Basin, you will drive to the very top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Once you reach the end of the highway road, there is a ranger booth where you will pay an entry fee (usually about $10!), and you will drive the last 2 miles on a dirt road. There are 3 parking lots: one at Catherine’s Pass Trailhead, and two at Cecret Lake Trailhead.

Because it is such a popular destination, a line often forms at the bottom of the dirt road due to the ranger booth’s strict “one car out, one car in” policy. They do this to make parking at the basin much easier once you reach the top. Be sure to plan an extra 30 minutes into your travel time to account for waiting at the booth.

When does Albion Basin Open?

The road to Albion Basin isn’t open all year round. Although the opening date varies year to year, it typically opens in the first week of July and closes in October. Both the opening date and closing date depend on the snowfall for the year. The best thing to do if you plan to go, is to check the road status on Alta’s Website.

When do the flowers bloom at Albion Basin?

Because it is so high up in the mountains, it typically has snow on the ground until mid-July. The best time to see the wildflowers is usually late July! This can vary depending on the year and the amount of snow fall that Utah gets.

What is there to do?

Albion Basin is famous for having stunning hikes and seeing wildlife. When you visit, I suggest hiking to Cecret Lake or Lake Catherine. I’ve hiked both several times and they are both amazing!

Taking Family Photos

Albion Basin is one of my favorite locations for family photos. Nothing beats the incredible backdrop with the endless fields of wildflowers and mountain views. If you want your family photos in a location like this, I would love to set up a family session! Sessions here always book up fast, so I suggest reaching out as early as February to make sure you get a spot!

I would love to take your family photos at Albion Basin or at any of the other amazing mountain locations in Utah! Contact me today, and follow along on my Instagram to see more amazing locations!



Family running together in yellow Albion Basin Wildflowers.
Family walking together through wildflowers at Albion Basin.
Family playing with mountain views of Albion Basin.

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