If you’re in search of a photographer to capture moments for your entire family, you’re in the right place! I’m a family photographer based in the beautiful state of Utah. In my role as a family photographer, I’ve had the honor of working with numerous extended families, documenting their stories in many stages of life. I’m excited to share a few reasons why I love extended family photography!

Creating Memories Together

Booking an extended family photography session is a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire family together. It’s a genuine privilege for me to be present, capturing the memories your family creates. Beyond just portraits, extended family photography allows us to document the togetherness and the shared history of multiple generations. The images from your session become cherished keepsakes that grow more and more valuable over time.

Navigating the Logistics

Coordinating extended family photoshoots involves careful planning to ensure everyone feels comfortable and at ease. There are many accommodating location in Utah , allowing your family to choose settings that resonate with your unique dynamics. After booking your session, I’ll help you choose the perfect location and send wardrobe recommendations. This makes the process so much easier as you coordinate with your family. I’m also always happy to help with any questions you may have as we plan your session together!

The Magic of Extended Family Photography

Utah’s beautiful scenery, combined with your family creates such magical images. Each session is an opportunity to remember the special connections that define extended families. Your gallery will be filled with a variety of photos, and I personalize the experience to you. From group shots of everyone, grandparents with their grandkids, individual families and more. Reach out today and we can schedule your extended family session.

Extended family photography explores a timeless celebration, highlighting the uniqueness of each family. I’m here to make your vision a reality.

Talk to you soon!



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Extended Family Photography in Utah Mountains. Family of 16 standing together in a green meadow.
Extended Family Photography in Utah Mountains.
Extended Family Photography in Utah Mountains. Boys from the family standing together and smiling
Extended Family Photography in Utah Mountains. Family of 16 standing together in a green meadow.

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