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The Great Salt Lake has always been one of my favorite places to take family photos in Utah. It’s gorgeous year-round and is such a fun location for kids to play around and to get amazing candid photos of the family, which is always a priority in my book! This family’s session was so fun to document, it was the first time they’ve done family photos, can you believe it?

Although the day we shot was quite cold, the boys were troopers and had so much fun playing in the sand while we took their family photos. I love how their simple outfits and the simple location made them shine in the photos. When doing Great Salt Lake family pictures, I usually suggest keeping everything simple to help the focus stay on you and lean into the beautiful simplicity of the surroundings.

Here are some tips for shooting at the Great Salt Lake:

  • Shoot right at sunset for dreamy light! Since this is an open location, shooting right up to sunset and even a bit after the sun goes down is my favorite. Especially with family sessions, I love that dreamy light. Of course, if you want something a bit bolder, this is also a great location for harsh, mid-day light.
  • Choose somewhere to meet. The Great Salt Lake has a lot of beaches, so make sure you are clear on where to meet. I like to meet at the Great Saltair concert venue. It’s easy to find.
  • Check the event schedule! If you choose to go to the beach by the concert venue, make sure you check the calendar. If there are any scheduling conflicts on the day of your shoot, you won’t be able to access the beach.
  • Bring Bug Spray. The bugs at the Great Salt Lake are out in the Summer! So, be sure to add bug spray to your packing list if you plan to shoot in the summer months.

It was so fun to shoot this session, I hope you love these photos!

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Family Pictures at the Great Salt Lake
Great Salt Lake Family Pictures
Boy on tip toes kissing his mom
Small Family at the Great Salt Lake
Family Photos at the Great Salt Lake

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