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I dream of this location all year long! When people ask me where my favorite location is to shoot, the Lavender Fields in Mona, Utah always come to mind. The purple fields are breathtaking and unique, and are only available for a few weeks each summer. The Lavender Fields are owned by Young Living, and need to be reserved months in advance for your shoot. I always reserve a handful of dates as soon as they are available because they go quickly!

If you want to visit (and do your family photos at) the Utah Lavender Fields, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The Utah lavender fields are a little over an hour from Salt Lake City, so it’s best to prepare for a long drive and to have lots of snacks on hand for the kids (and for you, too!).
  • As I mentioned above, reservations are required to shoot on the property, and they go quickly once they are released. Be sure to find a photographer who has a spots reserved before you book your session.
  • The most magical time to shoot in the field is right before sunset. This means that when the fields are in bloom, shooting around 7:30-9 pm is going to be best. With small children, think ahead to prepare to keep them up a bit later than bed time. Luckily, the drive is long so they can get a good nap in on the way home.
  • Dress your kids when you arrive at the lavender fields. Because the drive is long, there are lots of opportunities to get messy! You can combat stress by bringing your photo outfits with you in the car and changing when you arrive. This keeps your experience stress-free and joyful.
  • Make it an adventure. As with any family session, if you approach it with positivity, you’ll have a happier experience. Instead of focusing on telling your kids that they need to smile for pictures, help them get excited about going to a new and beautiful place. If they think that you’re doing this for them, they’ll enjoy the experience so much more.

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Family in Utah Lavender Fields
Utah Children's Photography in Lavender Field

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