Mona Lavender Farm | Summer photos in Utah County

People ask me all the time where my favorite place to take pictures is. It’s not hard for me to quickly answer: “The Mona Lavender Farm!” This location is one I look forward to for the entire year. I love that it’s an open area with lots of room to move around and get a variety of beautiful images while also having so much bright color and beautiful texture. I had the privilege of photographing Dana (who is also a photographer and is very talented) and her kids here last summer. We had so much fun wandering around the Mona Lavender Farm. Her boys spent the time playing with and smelling the lavender and I loved documenting them together. I’m so excited to share more about visiting the Mona Lavender Farm with you!

Visiting the Mona Lavender Farm

If you plan to visit this amazing locations, keep a few things in mind:

  • If you want to take photos in the farm, you need to make a reservation through Young Living’s Website. They are very strict on allowing only those with appointments in.
  • The lavender blooms from late June to early July. Plan your visit to make sure you are there during peak time to see the bright purple lavender at its prime!
  • The fields can be muddy if you go right after they water! Plan to bring some towels and extra shoes just in case!

I love doing family sessions at the Mona Lavender farm each year. If you would like to book a family session, contact me today! These fill up quickly (for good reason!) and I would love to get you in! You can also follow me on Instagram for more updates on locations, behind-the-scenes, and to see pretty family photos all year round!

Enjoy this session, I’m so excited to share it with you!

Mom holding baby watching her boys walk through the Mona Lavender Farm.

Mom snuggling her kids in a lavender field.
Mom cuddling baby in Mona Lavender Farm.
Mom with kids in Mona Lavender Farm.
Mom walks through Mona Lavender Farm with her children with a Mountain View behind them.
Portrait of Mother and Baby

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