Nathalia | Senior at State Capitol

Do you know those people who you you meet and you can immediately tell that they are a kind, trustworthy, happy person? That’s Nathalia. From the first time I met her, I felt such a quick bond form between us! When she asked me to take her senior pictures, I felt so honored. Nathalia is not only a gifted violinist, she also took on multiple AP classes in school and is her school’s Sterling Scholar for World Languages… oh, and she is in her school choir too. This girl has got it together! Another thing about Nathalia is her selfless character. She amazes me.

We chose the Capitol as the perfect place for her photos. The scene matches her: bright, clean, happy, and busy. This session was cancelled about 3 times, the weather wasn’t right once, and scheduling conflicts the other times. We almost ended up calling the whole thing off. But in my experience, the sessions I almost end up canceling always end up in my favorites. When we finally made the session happen, the blossoms were perfect, the weather was surprisingly amazing, and the light was peaking through those trees just the right way. We ended up with such an amazing selection of images.

The whole thing turned out just how I wanted. I’m so glad we didn’t cancel- we ended up with pure magic.

Enjoy Nathalia’s Senior Session!



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