Elise and Sarah | Sisters in The Desert

The relationship sisters share is such a beautiful thing, almost anyone can agree. When you have a sister, you have a built in best friend, a second closet, a person you can scream “guess what!” to when you get home from a date with a cute boy and tell them every single detail while they listen. Maybe this relationship I’m thinking of doesn’t actually exist; I know that no one is perfect, and each of those fun things can be balanced out with equally unpleasant experiences. But… being someone who grew up with no sisters, I wanted one so badly.

I have three older brothers, and while I love them more than words could ever express, they have other friends, their closets aren’t shareable, and they aren’t quite as excited when you get home from a date with a cute boy. In fact, on multiple occasions when I’ve come home from dates with a handful of different boys, I’ve heard the sentence “we need a shovel and an alibi…” not something I would expect to hear from a supportive sister. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for my brothers, and I’m glad that I grew up with two cousins in the same “only girl” boat right up the street. But, seeing sisters like these girls makes a little piece of my heart want a sister.

Elise and Sarah are both beyond beautiful as you can see, but they are also both incredibly talented. Elise is an artist, she paints, draws,  and she can create just about anything you could imagine. Sarah is a dancer, and she also has such a golden heart. We had so much fun wandering around these beautiful red rocks, we caught some unbelievable light, we laughed, and we created stunning images. Even if don’t have a sister, I’m glad I get to document the unique relationship that sisters share.

Enjoy this session of Elise and Sarah!



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