Oh, January… The month after the craziness of the holidays when winter is still in full force and you feel somewhat stuck and gloomy. It seems that we fill the void of January with our New Year’s Resolutions, the ones we know deep down will last until February (if we are lucky!) and SWEAR that we will improve and be “the best versions of ourselves” by December. Yeah.

Here’s the thing about New Year’s Resolutions, they CAN work, but I have found something much more effective than a year’s resolution. I like to think of things either way bigger or way smaller, not much in between. I work at the first of every month to see what I need to improve on to make my whole future (not just 12 months of it) better. For January, I will work about being more consistent on blog posts and social media, that’s something I know I need to work on to improve my business long term. I have no idea what my struggle will be one month from now, but hopefully as I go, I will begin to improve on all ends of my business and personal life. So join me in making my New Year’s Resolution to be better day by day, and ultimately in the long run!

2016 was full of some of the best experiences and I know 2017 will blow my mind if I put in the focus and effort it takes! What are your New Year’s (or Month’s!) Resolutions?


XX Mary

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